Buying Individual Health Insurance Plans – Tips From Top Experts

Buying Individual Health Insurance Plans – Tips From Top Experts

When buying individual health insurance our minds are usually cluttered with the apprehension of the cost and the fear of signing a policy that will not have us and our family covered when we really need it. Therefore we set forth to get quotes online and from agents and compare only what we can compare: price. We compare the cost of the monthly premium, the maximum out-of-pocket expenses, the deductibles, the co pays etc. We rarely take a step back and think about what buying individual health insurance is really for and when to use it.

Therefore this article summarizes a few points made by highly experienced insurance agents during an exclusive interview with each one of them on the subject of Buying Individual Health Insurance. We hope this will help you choose your individual insurance carrier and policy more clearly and speed up the process while assuring you, you are doing the right thing.

Remember what insurance is designed for: Insurance is here to protect you from catastrophically damaging events like an accident requiring lengthy hospitalization or serious illnesses where you need expensive treatments for the rest of your life.” said Leslie Kaz of Syndicated Insurance Services in Woodland Hills, CA.

This is a very good point to keep in mind since most people are trying to get a lot more medical services out of their insurance coverage than they want to pay in. This is simply not feasible. There is no way most people can pay a certain amount of premium per year and get more than that in return on a consistent and recurring basis. Insurance is here to help you sleep at night.

A broker or agent can shop the different carriers but each plan from a specific insurance provider will cost the same no matter which broker you buy it from.” Said David Lama from Blue Diamond Insurance Services in Westlake Village, CA.

This has to do with the fact that the carriers set their rates and premiums and have the agents’ commissions figured in those rates. So you may visit a couple or 3 brokers max just to make sure they are presenting you will all the offerings but it’s worthless ot start negotiating a premium form a specific plan. You’ll have to alter parts of the plan to change the premium and normally other elements like deductibles, and co-pays will change with it.

You can listen to the complete set of interview at no cost on our website in the resource box and we hope this helps you keep a clear head when you go out buying individual health insurance.

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