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L'Energie D'Eastside

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Homeopathy By Zahava Scheiman Robinson, D.S. Hom.Med.

When I walked into the office
of my chiropractor in
the summer of 1994, I never
thought that this visit would
change my life. At the time I
had a serious lung infection
which was not alleviated
by either antibiotics or a ven-
tolin inhaler. I couldn''t breath
without coughing for 45 min-
utes at a time and the pressure
on my chest felt as if any air
inside of me was being squeezed
out. Dr. Lise ]anelle advised me
to seek homeopathic aid, and I
did. Much to my surprise and
pleasure, the cough that had been
festering for three weeks cleared up in two days. My first introduc-
tion to homeopathy so impressed
me, that I went on to study for
three years and have now set up
my practice in association with
Dr. ]anelle.
You may already know about
homeopathy and that it is rec-
ognized as an effective and sci-
entific system of healing. It has
been used for centuries in many
European countries, particularly
France, Germany and England.
Homeopathy has grown at a
rate of 30% per year over the
past 10 years in the United States
and Canada.
Homeopathy is a system of
medicine that is based on the
Law of Similars. Samuel
Hahnemann (1755-1843), the
founder of homeopathy, was a
physician, chemist and medical
translator who was troubled by
the harsh medicine of his time
and sought a more gentle and
effective alternative. He expanded
the ancient idea of like cures like
into a complete medical system
purely by accident. Through
experimentation, he found that
when he took quinine (a medicine
used for malaria), when he did
not have malaria, he developed
the symptoms of malaria. He took
this further and developed it,calling it homeopathy, meaning
similar suffering.
What Hahnemann found was
that the same substance that can
cause a particular set of symptoms
in a healthy person can cure the
same or similar symptoms in a
person who is ill. For example, if
your child accidentally ingests
poisons from under the sink, you
will be advised to administer Syrup
of Ipecac (a plant) to induce
vomiting. If you''re a woman
experiencing morning sickness
with incessant nausea that is not
relieved by vomiting, or a person
suffering from a gagging cough
after a cold, then Ipecacuanha,
administered as a homeopathic
preparation, can alleviate the
"similar" suffering.

Homeopaths use the term vital
force to describe the energy within
each of us that governs the

body. It is also known by different
names within different cultures,
namely, chi, life force mana, and
innate intelligence.
The vital force is an energy
force or an innate wisdom, which
is why homeopathy is termed
an energy medicine. The defense
mechanism is the aspect of the
vital force which keeps each
person on balance. Symptoms
are the language of the defense
So if your vital force is out of
alignment, the language which is
expressed is in the form of symp-
toms and, more than likely, they
demand our attention when they
become physical symptoms. A
homeopathic remedy, therefore,
will stimulate the body''s own
healing powers by nudging the
vital force back into alignment.

As each individual is unique and
each defense mechanism commu-
nicates through its own unique set
of symptoms, the homeopath''s job
is to listen to each person in order
to discover the uniqueness of that
person. The person''s particular way of being sick is the disease to be treated, not the common symptoms similar to everyone else who would be given the same diagnosis
by conventional treatment.
To reiterate, to assume that the
symptoms manifesting are the
disease, is akin to unplugging
the emergency oil light in a car
because it is flashing. You will no
longer be irritated by the flashing
of the warning light, but it does
not change the reason it is giving
you this warning.

There are over two thousand
homeopathic remedies made from
substances in the plant, animal
and mineral kingdoms. Each sub-
stance in nature possesses its own
unique traits.
Hahnemann found that in order
to avoid harmful side-effects of the
medicines, he could dilute natural
substances into microdoses. In
fact, he found that the more he
diluted the substances, not only
were they more effective and gentle to use, but their healing effects lasted longer. Although homeo-
pathic medicines may be so diluted
as not to have any molecules, a
pattern or resonance remains.

A homeopath in the first con-
sultation will want to know
everything there is about you.
Physical ailments are important,
combined with specifics about
you such as: time of day aggra-
vations, how does weather
affect you, are there any foods
you crave or feel adverse to, how
do you react in certain situations,
opinions about issues that bother
you, what makes you angry, what
makes you happy, recurring
dreams and the history of any
experiences that have brought
you to the here and now…

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