iHerb wants to reward us!

iHerb wants to reward us!

If you did not already read about why I’m in love with iHerb, i suggest you spend a couple of minutes doing so before you proceed.

To sum it up: iHerb.com is a mega online organic grocery store with vitamins, supplements and foods. Everything is heavily discounted, typically 30-40% on well known brands and products.

On top of that, iHerb welcomes new customers with an extra discount of 5-10$ on their first purchase. To get this discount however, the new customer needs a referral code, (also called a coupon code) from an existing customer. This system provides two things: First of all, the new customer gets discount as already mentioned. Secondly, iHerb is able to track back the existing customer, that referred the new customer. The reason why iHerb wants to track the existing customer is, that they want to reward him! They have decided to save on traditional advertising, and spend the money rewarding the customers instead.

If you at some point are going to order something from iHerb for the very first time, you’ll need a coupon code (if you want a discount, that is). Any coupon code from any existing customer will do. All coupon codes are the same, and provide you with a 5-10$ discount, depending on the size of your order. Orders above 40 $ gets a 10$ discount, and smaller orders get a 5$ discount. If you want, you can use my kode, which is ZJZ438

If you use my code, I will get rewarded by iHerb, because I referred you. This is of course of no interest to you, but here comes the interesting part: When you receive your first purchase, you will also receive your own personal coupon code, which you can use to refer your friends and family and get rewarded accordingly. This is the iHerb Reward Program. Watch the short video below to get the idea.

If you prefer reading about it, iHerb also made an excellent guide to the Reward Program. A reward of a few percent might not seem like much, but it adds up. It is important to understand, that the Reward Program continues for life. You might not even want to participate, but at least you owe it to your friends to help them save some money, so you’ll probably hand them your coupon code, if they ask for it, right? This just might in time escalate beyond your imagination, even if you don’t really do anything about it. On the other hand, why not put a little effort in it, and see where it takes you… The more people you hand your coupon code to, the bigger chance someone finds this interesting and starts working seriously – I know I did

iHerb launched their Reward Program three years ago, so it is still quite new. Take this oportunity to

  1. save on your purchase on natural groceries, vitamins and supplements
  2. get your own coupon code – it won’t hurt you!
  3. let your friends in on how they can save on online shopping just like you

You’ll probably not get rich, but handing out a coupon code now and then will actually be a good deed – your friends will appreciate the 30-40% saving and the coupon discount no matter what. This will inevitably get you some credits, and it will help you save even more when shopping on iHerb. And if you put just the slightest effort into it, I guarantee you (from my own experience), that in a year or two it will pay off considerably, and you will be glad you went for it.

As mentioned before, any coupon code will do, so you don’t have to use mine. On the other hand – it won’t hurt you either. You should also consider the fact, that I’m very serious about this business! This means, that I’m prepared to back you up, if you decide to be part of “my team”. The obvious reason is, that your success also will be mine. I’ve been working professionally with online marketing and sales for a decade, and I know the tips and tricks from the inside. So… join the crew of coupon code ZJZ438. You can get your own coupon code by visiting iHerb.com and make your first order. Your initial investment can be as low as a couple of dollars – and this is all you need to invest in it – ever.

I’m very keen on helping you to get success, so don’t hesitate to contact me, if you want some tips and tricks.