Colored Lip Balm

Colored Lip Balm

Choosing what to lip product to use, lip balm, lip gloss and lipstick, usually gives confusion to a lot of women. But most women opts to use lipstick and lip gloss rather than lip balm because of the ability of these two lip product to give color and shine to the lips while the lip balm offers to give moisture and protection to the lips to help it avoid being chapped and dry. But it is good to know that there are already colored lip balms that is being offered to be purchased though these kind of lip balms only offers to provide the lips with lighter colors compared to the colors that a lipstick and lip gloss can provide. But a wide variety of colored lip balms is also available wherein you can choose what shades of color you can use for your lips, depending on what preference you have. Colored lip balms not only assures the user to have well-hydrated lips, it will also provide the lips with the color that you may want. Aside from that, colored lip balms may also offer SPF, sun-protection and different scents to choose from.

So what are the factors that most consumers consider in choosing their colored lip balms?

1. One factor that must be considered in shopping for colored lip balms is how long does the color stay on the lips and how often do we need to reapply these colored lip balm. Having a colored lip balm that has a lasting color on the lips is very appealing considering that most people are very busy and having to reapply lip balms very often is time-consuming. Apparently, most of us will have to choose a colored lip balm that lasts longer on the lips that a lip balm that needs to be reapplied more often.

2. A colored lip balm’s consistency is another factor to be considered when picking up a lip balm to be used. Most of the time, lip balms that are soft and melts easily on the lips is more preferred by users than a lip balm that is too hard and waxy. This is because colored lip balms that are soft and melts easily on the mouth tends to slide on the lips easily and may be applied to the lips effortlessly compared when applying a colored lip balm that is hard.

3. The ability of a colored lip balm to protect the lips against external factors that may make them dry and chapped is another factor to consider in choosing your colored lip balms. Aside from that, you also need to make sure that the colored lip balm that you will pick up maintains moisture on the lips by sealing the moisture in making sure that your lips will be well-hydrated for longer periods of time. This characteristic of a colored lip balm is what differentiates it from lip gloss and lipstick, thus choosing the best lip balm with color entails choosing a lip balm that offers this characteristic.

4. Another thing that a consumer considers in looking for the perfect lip balm with color is the roughness and smoothness of the lip balm. Having a smooth surface is one significant factor for a lip balm to be liked by most women. It would be very disappointing to use a colored lip balm that has a rough surface.

5. Scent and flavor of the colored lip balm is another factor that needs to be considered in choosing a colored lip balm for you. It is advisable to make use of a colored lip balm that offers a soothing and milder scent and flavor than those lip balm that has stronger scent and flavor. Reason is that, colored lip balms that has stronger scent and flavor may cause your lips to be irritated and cause allergic reactions that may be in effect of strong ingredients used to add more scent and flavor to your lip balm.

Now, whatever colored lip balms you choose depends on our personal preferences. What’s most important is that you should feel comfortable in using the lip balm that you have picked and it should provide the necessary relief and protection as it promised.

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