Interesting trending health topics promoting healthy living.

Interesting trending health topics promoting healthy living.
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What to do? No worries, wasted time and money$ at the pharmacy! Here are some simple facts about acne, for prevention and treatment.

French fries, greasy foods, chocolate, sun, dirt, makeup…..Causes ofacne?– NO! – All Myths!

1. Acne is caused by clogged pores, NOT poor hygiene. You do not need to wash or scrub frequently. Over washing will dry and irritate skin which may worsen acne. Instead, wash gently, use a mild soap twice daily, and pat dry. Apply water based versus oil based moisturizer. Change your pillow case frequently. Add acne treatments only if recommended by your health care provider.

2. Sun will not improve your acne, it can do more harm. Sunlight increases inflammation, leads to early ageing and increases your risk of skin cancer. Also many medications used to treat acne make your skin more susceptible to sunburn.

3. To squeeze or not to squeeze? Resist temptation! Especially in the case of inflammatory acne; pimples which are reddened. Frequent handling of your skin may cause bacteria to enter, inflammation and scarring.

4. Follow a well balanced diet. Acne breakouts can arise from diets low in nutrients, high in sugar and fat. Choose fruits, vegetables, foods rich in nutrients and drink large amounts of water. Also when choosing fruits and vegetables pick yellows and oranges; carrots, cantaloupes and apricots. These are full of vitamin A and antioxidants which help fight skin cancer and prevent aging. If you can’t get that balanced diet, take a daily multivitamin.

5. Drink water! 10 glasses a day will keep you hydrated and will flush chemical toxins out of the body. Well hydrated skin is less likely to break out. In the case of dry skin, dead skin cells linger and are slow to slough off, clogging pores harboring bacteria and slowing new cell growth. And coffee and alcohol are diuretics which deplete your body of water and important minerals. They say drink 6 glasses of water for every cup of coffee!

6. Don’t smoke! besides its obvious health risks, smoking damages skin. Nicotine constricts blood vessels and capillaries which feed the skin. This deprives it of oxygen and nutrients it needs for sustenance.

8. Sleep well. Although enough sleep does not prevent acne, it does help to fight infection and aid in skin cell recovery. During sleep, skin cells renew and the immune system strengthens.

9. Exercise! Exercise boosts circulation and blood flow throughout of the body. After exercising, it is important to wash to rinse off perspiration which can clog pores.

10.. Relax..Many people have a tendency to break out more when under stress. One often overlooked method of creating an acne breakout is to constantly touch the face, which those who stress may do more. Also stress releases hormones which may increase acne, and decrease other treatment efficacy.

If you are troubled by acne for more than 3 months, get help?! There is no point in suffering in silence. Your acne may be evaluated and treated with topical or oral medication effectively with your health care provider. You may be referred to a Dermatologist as well. Many treatments are available.