New Cosmetic Surgery Procedure Sweeping LA

New Cosmetic Surgery Procedure Sweeping LA

In recent years there has been a new face altering procedure sweeping Southern California. It seems like everybody is getting it and if you haven’t had the procedure done yet you are definitely behind the times. The procedure, eyebrow manipulation, is really quite easy to have done and the changes in a person’s appearance can be quite stunning. The eyebrows are our most expressive part of the face so if you want the biggest bang for your buck then look into the eyebrow transplant procedure at your favorite cosmetic surgery clinic.

What is interesting about this mad dash to change the look of eyebrows is the fact that this procedure was first used in Japan before World War II. So you see it is not a new and revolutionary procedure. It is really surprising that people have not been more excited about this years ago, but part of the answer why is because of the micro-surgical techniques that needed to be developed in order for quick recovery from the surgery.

Nobody wants to go around with bandages on their face, although of course this is necessary after major cosmetic surgery, so a lot of people held off on having the eyebrow implant procedure done.

A new technique that allows for the manipulation and transplantation of individual hair shafts and their support structures has made the procedure very quick and easy. Follicular unit extraction is the method in question. By utilizing this new technique a hair restoration surgeon can remove a hair shaft from the scalp and then insert it into a predetermined place in the brow area. By carefully laying out the placement of the hairs he or she can dramatically changed the shape and look of the patient’s eyebrows.

If you are unhappy with your brows, maybe they are crooked or thin, then find out how this procedure can help your looks.